Security-Optimized. Good Looking. And Useful.

Lots of groups make software. Knox is no different in that scenario. But, how we make it and why we do so, as well as what we do make is a huge difference. Knox makes great looking apps that you would want to use while giving amazing security in each and every app. With the power of open-source software, we give a renaissance to abandoned repositories and make them stronger, more modern, and faster. Why? Because we believe that every idea has potential: and we want to make sure that every idea has the potential and support to flourish into something amazing.

Lightning Fast

Knox makes sure all the apps that we develop run fast and beautifully on all cylinders (or cores, techncically; a computer doesn't have any cylinders unless you count a water reservoir). We only keep the code needed, remove any extra dependencies that aren't actually needed for production, and fix up every line of code to be as speed optimizing as possible.

Built Heavily Guarded

Knox makes only apps that are secure and nice and shiny with any information collected. Why should you care? Well, would you like others having your saved passwords and cookies that can be used to login to where you save them? No. Neither would we. Therefore, whenever you do touch the Knox servers, it's encrypted end-to-end using AES-256. And, even then: no one at Knox has access to your content that gets stored here. In fact, we help make sure you get the best possible connection to stay as secure and speedy as possible with any server, period.

The Renaissance of Software

Knox believes that all software can be a revolutionary piece of history that people can, want to, and should use. Excluding malware. Why would we make viruses more painful? That's just plain stupid. (Note: no, we don't give malware. It's all open-source software that we re-invent with proper accreditations. Regardless, why would we cause such a hassle to you and our reputation?)

People Love Us

These people have enjoyed our software and have said these great things about it.

“Lavender is a great bot to use for your very own Discord server. Lavender has changed my server massively from unorganized to very organized. It has been able to replace many bots in the server and has reduced the number of bots needed to my server so it's not as confusing with all the different commands [and prefixes]. I would 100% recommend you this bot.” Alissa P. - Owner of xHearts